Letter From Me

About Me final

I’ve enjoyed drawing since I was young and over time this evolved into a passion for the arts in general. As such I do not limit myself to any one medium. Instead the focus is on the aesthetics embodied within the work itself. Despite the variance in medium the inspiration behind it underlays the individual pieces.

The idea is that no matter how much the artwork itself might change, the feeling that motivated me to create the artwork should still be present. I maintain this principle during my creative process as a guideline for the evolution of my work.

Art is oftentimes putting oneself out there to be judged with no indication of what will happen. Choosing a line of work that involves criticism at every turn was probably not the smartest move for someone like me. However, I have found that despite the anxiety that critique has caused me, it is nothing compared to the benefits.  Regardless of what anyone has thought or will think art is still what sustains me through it all.  I hope everyone that comes across my art is able to form a connection.  However, even if you do not like it, as long as you understand I will count that as a success.