I am a freelance artist and designer working out of central Florida. I have done work in a variety of mediums balloon girl set up to look as if it's in a yearbook photoincluding: logos, digital illustrations, paintings, and hand drawn images to name a few. I enjoy staying busy so I am constantly seeking out  my next project.

I have been drawing since I was young, but, weirdly enough I spent a lot of my childhood thinking I was going to be a veterinarian. By the time I reached high school this dream had thankfully died, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than art. Originally, I was interested in animation. However, I realized that my real interest lay in the drawing behind it; not the actual process of animation. So I changed majors and,got my BA in Studio Art.

Now I spend my time creating new work, pursuing new opportunities, and expanding my online presence. Being a freelance artist is rarely easy, but it is always rewarding.

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